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KXL FM News: A Pandemic Won’t Stop Our KXL Everyday Hero!

Vital Life Foundation nominates Kim Bargay from Marquis Companies for her work that she did with Friends of the Children - Portland, to provide holiday meals to seniors through the pandemic.

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Monetary Donation

McKnight's Long-Term Care News: Operator’s Fundraising Arm Donates $450K Toward Seniors, Youth

Several organizations, including one dedicated toward feeding seniors, received some sizable donations — to the tune of nearly a half-million dollars — courtesy of Vital Life Foundation.

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Monetary Donation

KOIN 6: Innovative Non-Profits Receive Donation from Vital Life Foundation

Executive Director Amy Drahota talks to KOIN AM Extra about Vital Life Foundation's latest donations to their charitable partners Meals on Wheels People and Friends of the Children, two organizations that have continued to support youth and seniors throughout the pandemic.

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Cupid Crew

KATU: “Cupid Crew” sends love to seniors this Valentine’s Day

Seniors living in senior healthcare facilities have had an especially hard year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to make sure those seniors know they're loved this Valentine's Day, Cupid Crew is collecting cards to send them love.

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Cupid Crew

KOIN 6: #SendSeniorsLove for Cupid Crew!

We're spreading the love to seniors this Valentine's season, but we need your help! Join us by creating cards filled with love and sending them to one of our participating senior healthcare locations.

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