Vital Volunteers

Giving of Ourselves

Through the Vital Volunteer program, a resident or staff member can have their time or money donated to an organization of their choice matched up to $1,000 per year.  Since the Foundation began, Vital Volunteers have made possible contributions of nearly $350,000 to charitable organizations they value and support.

Whether it’s residents making red hats for babies through the American Heart Association, or delivering meals with Meals on Wheels People, Vital Volunteers give back to their communities, and experience meaning and purpose in their own lives.


Brandy Singer

FailSafe for Life

We learned about FailSafe for Life after the devastating loss of our teenage son, Logan, to suicide in July, 2021. In our search for support and resources in our community, we found that FailSafe’s mission to “end suicide through connection, education & hope” to be an essential part of our on-going healing. Mental health touches every part of our community and society, from very young to older populations, including those in the later stages of life. And indeed, suicide has touched many lives leaving families, loved ones, friends and colleagues in the wake of many questions, grief, and even stigma as survivors.

I primarily began volunteering with FailSafe for Life in order to learn more about how they work to fulfill their mission and how I can provide, and receive, support. I am also passionate about sharing resources with local school communities. I began officially volunteering in April, 2022 with their annual auction event “Spring for Hope.” More recently, I joined as a Board of Directors Ambassador.


Caitlin Nolan


I have been scuba diving since 2010 and I love it! When I heard about SAFE (Scuba Adventure for Everyone) and how they assist people with disabilities go scuba diving, I knew I needed to get involved. I took a class and got certified as a “dive buddy” in July of 2022. We work in groups of 2 or 3 and assist one diver with disabilities that range from Autism to CVA. In September I was a part of a group that assisted 6 adaptive divers in Honduras. It was an amazing experience and the perfect combination of things that I love; scuba diving and helping people regain their independence.


Steven Annunziata

Families in Flight

I’ve been a supporter of Families in Flight since November of 2021. This organization helps provide comfort and closure to families going through the difficult process of saying goodbye to their loved ones as they near the end of their life. Families in Flight aligns with my work at Marquis Hope Village by offering free flights for final goodbyes and prioritizing patients and their family’s emotional and spiritual needs. By donating, you can ensure families get to say goodbye to their loved ones.


Olivia Randall

Sandy Actors Theatre

I’ve always loved being a part of community theatre; I started volunteering with Sandy Actor’s Theatre in 2021. My favorite part of community theatre is the way it brings diverse groups of people together to create something new. My last production had actors ranging from age 13 to 85! As much as I love the creative outlet that Sandy Actors Theatre provides, I have especially enjoyed the behind-the-scenes projects I can do using the skills I’ve gained at Consonus Healthcare. I’ve had opportunities to support their IT team, graphic design, Board of Directors, and currently participate in the Season Selection Committee. We are always looking for volunteers and if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand in acting, community theatre is a great place to start!


Leslie La

Pamoja House

I first heard about Pamoja House on November 25, 2021, which was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The same day my sister and I joined a group to pray specifically for abused women across the world. It was here that we met someone who worked for Pamoja House, a non-profit organization that helps immigrant/refugee families on their journey in this country.

Imagine coming to the U.S. from a foreign country, not knowing how to speak the language, drive, use the computer, navigate the healthcare system, and you have no family or friends. Pamoja House helps with all of the above and more. Most of all, we are FAMILY. My heart was strongly compelled to get involved, not only because it’s simply the right thing to do, but also because my parents were refugees themselves. Being born in this country, I was fortunate to not go through what my parents did, and I thought to myself, “This is my time to give back.


Margie Hanley

Neighborhood House Senior Center

I have volunteered at the Neighborhood House Senior Center in SW Portland for about 30 years. I worked on rummage sales and bazaars to raise funds for the center until a resale shop opened. Funds from the sales at the resale shop assist the center in providing services to seniors, such as social gatherings, exercise classes, shopping trips, etc. Six years ago I moved to Marquis Tualatin Independent Living where I learned about the Vital Life Foundation’s support of volunteering and as a Marquis resident I applied for funds for my volunteer time at the center. I feel it is important to support other seniors through senior centers with funding and volunteering.