Vital Life Foundation produces a number of impactful events every year. Some are meant to grow our donor base and friends of the foundation, while others are inspirational examples of our mission in action.

Laughing for a Great Cause

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine was a special night of comedy, presented by The Vital Life Foundation, to support programs that bring joy to those living and working in senior care. Over its decade-long run, Laughter raised more than $230,000. A lineup of local favorites and well-known comedians took the stage for a hilarious night of comedy, fundraising, and a special evening out on the town.


Flowers and Friendship

Cupid Crew

On Valentine’s Day, we join our charitable partner, Wish of a Lifetime, in a national movement to honor thousands of seniors by delivering roses and conversation.


Taking the Steps Together

Scale the Strat

Together with the American Lung Association we step up to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by lung disease. We are the largest team in the United States, joining together to train and climb 1,455 stairs and 108 stories of the iconic Stratosphere Tower.


Fundraising - The VLF Way

BridgeTown Bash

Our largest fundraiser, BridgeTown Bash has a way of surprising and delighting our supporters with Portland-inspired themes like Portland Sports, Portland in the 80’s, Oregon Cinema, and Hipster Portland, to name a few. Over the last seven years, the fundraiser has brought in $4,048,000 to support Vital Life Foundation programs, events and charitable partners.


Keeping the Spirit Alive

Spirit of ‘45

An All-American community summer event honoring senior veterans that celebrates the end of WWII. Together with Ageless Aviation, veterans are given plane rides in a vintage Boeing Stearman. It’s two days of joy, surprises and gratitude for our country’s heroes.