Scale the Strat

Scale the Strat

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Taking the Steps Together

Each year at the base of the iconic Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nev., an exuberant group of Marquis and Consonus employees prepare to “Scale the Strat”—all 108 floors of it. Across the nation, the American Lung Association’s stair-climb events raise money and awareness in the fight against lung disease, and the Vital Life team has become the largest in the country to participate.

Ally Few overcomes her hardships to participate in the Scale the Strat event.

Many team members wear photos and dedicate their efforts to beloved residents struggling with lung disease—several of whom are always there in person to cheer the climbers on. “We’re here to bring hope,” said a Marquis nurse, “and if that means climbing 1,455 steps, then sign me up!”

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