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A Time to Pivot and Evolve

An introduction to the new Director of Intentional Culture and a status update on the Foundation.

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Seasons of Challenge and Change

In all of our lives, and in the journey of organizations like the Vital Life Foundation, there are seasons—times of excitement and growth and others of daunting challenge.

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Celebrating #HealthcareHeroes

Day after day, night after night, you walk through the doors of senior care campuses across the nation, ready for service. Only one word does you justice: Heroes

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The Oregonian: Finding ways to remind seniors, isolated because of the coronavirus, they are not forgotten

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has placed on senior living facilities, Marquis Companies has created opportunities to prevent isolation in seniors. The Vital Life Foundation has been honored to be able to support their campaigns to promote vitality in seniors.

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Download #HealthcareHeroes Posters

To support #HealthcareHeroes, follow these steps: 1) Download your free #HealthcareHeroes printable, 2) Find a place to proudly display the You Are Vital poster, 3) Take a picture of yourself with it and post to social media using the hashtag, #HealthcareHeroes

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