Charitable Partners

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Together, we can create an
exponential gift.

The relationship with our charitable partners goes much further than just writing a check. We work collaboratively to create volunteer opportunities for our seniors and staff. Their volunteer time reconnects seniors to younger generations and their communities, and provides an avenue to create meaning and purpose in their own lives by making a difference in others’.

We create unique programming to benefit you, seniors and staff working in senior health care. Together, we can create an exponential gift.


Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of a Lifetime fosters respect and appreciation for deserving  seniors by fulfilling their life-enriching Wishes. Wish of a Lifetime was founded in 2008 by local-to-Colorado celebrity  Jeremy Bloom, in living honor of his grandmother.

The organization  aims to create a positive shift in the way society views and values  aging by sharing the stories of its inspiring Wish recipients with  those of all generations.

To learn more about the organization or to help fulfill a senior’s Wish visit

Charitable Partners


Vital Life Foundation incubates creative programs that most closely align with our mission of creating meaning and purpose in the lives of seniors.

We Focus Our Giving in Three Areas
  • Providing Meaning and Purpose in the lives of seniors
  • Health and Wellness
  • Disease Management and Healthy Aging Solutions

Vital Life Foundation Board of Directors reserve funds to be distributed through the grant application process. Vital Life Foundation is pleased to review requests for support from eligible organizations that must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization’s mission closely aligns with the Vital Life Foundation mission
  • The organization is pursuing activities directly related to the foundation’s three areas of focused giving
  • The organization can provide a clear understanding of desired outcomes and measurements with facts or details about how it will provide a high impact and sustainable benefit
  • Must be classified as a 501(c)(3)